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The work we do to support victims of domestic abuse isn’t just limited to a specific individual being directly affected – we take a ‘whole family’ approach, because domestic abuse has an impact on everyone involved, especially any children in the relationship.

Kate’s story shows how the help and support we offered to her and her children has given them a fresh start, even helping to ensure that her 18 year old son could stay with her in the refuge – here’s this family’s success story…

Kate’s story – in the beginning...

When Kate first came to the refuge she was frightened, and she went straight back home to her abusive partner. She came back again a few months later with her 13 year old daughter, but was very nervous and anxious about having to leave her other two children behind.

The day after she came in she told her key worker she was very worried for her son, who had also been the victim of abuse from her partner, and asked if he could come into refuge with her even though he had just turned 18.

Foundation asked the police if they could do a check on him before a decision was made – the checks came back with nothing on them at all, so it was decided he could join Kate and her daughter in the refuge on the condition that he didn’t socialise with any of the women or go into the communal areas. This was agreed and he came into refuge to stay in one of our self-contained flats.  Kate was extremely grateful and happy to have her son with her and know that they were safe.

Kate’s progress

Appointments were made with Homeless and Kate was given a band 1 status, so she could start bidding on houses close to supportive friends and family. She gradually settled into her own flat in the refuge and considered seeing the counsellor who regularly visits the residents – but decided she was happy enough with the support she received from her key worker and the other refuge staff. Kate began to mix with other residents and took part in activities organised by our staff.

In August, Kate’s oldest daughter had to come into refuge after fleeing from her father.  She had her own flat in the refuge and was working part time. Foundation worked with housing benefit advisors to work out how much rent she had to pay, then a week later, she started to work full time and the whole family were upset because she thought she could not afford to stay.

It was decided that she could move in with Kate, and the whole family moved into a flat with enough space for them all.

The results so far...

Kate and all the children went on to receive an offer for a house in a safe area, and all moved in there together in September. Kate made an application to the social fund and after the supporting letter was sent, she was accepted for help with the furniture and white goods they needed for their new home.

As a family they were all extremely grateful for the help and support we’d given them to start a new, better life together – we even received cards and cake as a thank you from them!

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